Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It seems no one blogs these days...including me

What a sad deal, right? My last post was a year and a half ago. Wow. In fact, I have two more babies than I did when I wrote that last post. Life changes so fast...

and they are even bigger than this today;) Lukas is 16mths and Otis is 5 mths!
Well I guess I'm caught up on blogging for another little bit...ha!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Heritage Festival here in Fair Grove was today! We had a lot of fun and it's like the BIGGEST thing to hit our town every year!

Kenny just became a tiger cub and we are so proud. We can't wait to see him grow through the scouting program. If you ask me, I think it's better than any sport he could ever play. Gaining skills to become a useful, respectful young man are invaluable!

Matt turned the big 34!...ughhhh we are getting old;) He took the day off from work, which he has NEVER done, he's always worked on his birthday. However, our sump pump stopped working that very morning and so he spent his birthday and the next few after that fixing our little problem. That didn't stop us from having cake though and opening presents!

I recently made a trip to Topeka (my hometown) all by myself, but regretfully it was to be with Shannon after the passing of her sweet daddy. John passed away in his home with his daughters and wife by his side after a battle with skin cancer that eventually consumed his mortal body. My heart aches for Shannon. I know as the days, weeks and months pass she will miss him more and more. She was strong and steady the few days I was with her and I pray that the Lord will continue to sustain her in her loss. Here we are with a couple of Shannon's closest friends whom I am so so grateful for. I am thankful they are near to take care of her and lift her up.

Grandma Miller moved to Idaho:( We are all a little sad about it. It's been so much fun having her here and spending time with her. She is 85 and plays dominos as ruthless as a gambling man in a Vegas casino! Very hilarious! We will love and miss you Grandma!

One of my favorite relatives, which there aren't many whom I even claim, but this one I definitely do, came to see me! Travis, my cousin and his adorable family Kate, Aiden and Elijah stopped by on their way back home to Texas after making a trip to Topeka. It was so good to see his face and to just hang out. We could talk and talk for hours. We are sooooo much the same in so many respects. I love him love him love him! He is the ONLY person that could make me miss my childhood. The craziness we endured together as children will forever bond us as adults. Thank you Travi for coming to see me:)

Lastly, which is old news, but I haven't blogged about it...we are having a BOY! We had a gender reveal party and it was so much fun! Matt and I went to our ultrasound appointment, had the tech write the gender on a paper and seal it in an envelope. I then delivered it to one of my besties Mandy and she had a cake made for us. We had a party, invited friends and family and cut into the cake AND waaaaalaaaa! It was exciting and couldn't have been pulled off without Char...another bestie (yes I have lots and I love them). Seriously best way to find out the gender of your baby, surrounded by those you love!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day Of School!!!

Our BIG Kindergartner!!!

The First child up and out of bed this morning...dressed, fixed his own hair...and on to breakfast. Matthew wasted NO time. He told me he would miss me over and over and then hugged me really tight when it was time to go.

Bubbs, fixing his own hair for the first day of school!
 Matthew is so predictable for me, such a solid part of my day. I know the way he feels, when he will react and what his responses will be in almost any situation. His heart is so so so sweet, but he likes to be tough. I hope his teacher will love him, teach him and most importantly understand him. He is smart, like quick smart and hilarious too. I've always felt the need to protect him and those instincts are kicking in high gear right now. I just want to go sit with him in class, right next to him and make sure he is ok, that he is happy and safe. Oh how I love this little man. This boy who is so much like his father...

                      1st Grader!                                  


My Babies!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life changes, did you know that?

Oh how we've longed for some normalcy, but it just NEVER comes...maybe that is part of life?...still trying to figure that one out, we'll get back to ya.

 I do believe we've experienced so much in such a short period of time that we are still trying to catch up with all that is going on!

However, no complaints no complaints...we've been so blessed and are so very grateful for the crazy in our lives. Here's a little (long) peek...


Shocking right? For real I think out of all of our friends we lived in our house the longest and felt at any moment we would burst through the doors and windows of our home with all that we had accumulated through the years...including our three children! We sold our home in just over a month, all on our own mind you, and feel so blessed to have done so in such a horrible market. We even felt like the lady who bought our home got robbed, which is better than the alternative! We will miss Rogersville, but just knew it was time to move on.

Fair Grove, MO is where we took up camp, at least for the next, oh I don't know 20 years;) Our new home has 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, full finished basement and a little bit of land to boot! It's full of trees and rocks and not a flat space in sight (Matt desperately wants a tractor to fix that little problem)...but I say it'll give him something to do over the years! We are excited to be here, still unpacking and adjusting to all the newness and trying to make it home, but we love it!


We are expecting baby number 4!!!
I'm tearing up just typing that...yes I'm emotional and crabby, tired tired tired and occasionally sick, but other than that it's WONDERFUL! However, I must say, very loudly too... I HATE MATERNITY CLOTHES! There, it's out! I hate them! For real I don't want ruffles and plaid anywhere on my clothes!...ever, especially when I'm pregnant. I'm just three months along but you know, since it's my fourth child I felt like I started showing at two weeks! There goes my skinny jeans and all my trendy clothes:( I know the important things right? Trust me, THAT is important.

Matt and the kids are super excited. They all call the baby, baby baby bean bean (story that goes with that which I won't bore you with) but it's adorable! I am due December 31st...I will be induced on the 30th so that this child will have a 30th birthday just like the rest of us in the family (except for Matt) and to keep with tradition...and too, so we can make SURE to have that tax deduction! I mean I don't know about you, but that's basically why we have children.


Kenny turned 7! Oh truly it feels like He was just a baby:( He is gonna be a first grader! I can't believe it! I love how big he is, and smart, and kind and wonderful!
Happy Birthday Kenny!

Matthew will start Kindergarten in the Fall, and yes this is a celebration! He is so great with me at home but will just be AMAZING in school! Love you Bubbs, but thank goodness for the education system to take him off  my hands help his never ending excitement in life to grow!
To those of you who home school, bless you.

Of course I must put Belle in here somewhere, and we just basically are celebrating her because she is awesome! She is great, and three and full of her own ideas...which is exhausting, but at least we know she has a brain! Yipee!

We will be married 9 years this week! Wahoo, and there were those of you with doubts?!?! I mean of course through the years we have driven one another absolutely CRAZY, INSANE, to the EDGE...but at the end of the day, he is still the ONE...hahaha corny corny, but for real, through it all, I probably most definately... and he too, would have changed some things, but NEVER would I have changed my decision to marry him!
He has my heart for eternity.
 I love that man!

To our future adventures together Matt Martin...

Until next time...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Football!!!

lucky me....i get to take a picture with the quarterback;)

The BEST fun we have is together!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


We had a great Thanksgiving (at uncle petes). Christmas Eve was spent at Gma Martins. Matthew was sick so that was sad, but we played games and ate lots of yummy food!

Christmas day was WONDERFUL! I actually made our Christmas pajamas (well the bottoms anyway). Blood, sweat and tears went into them (because I'm not a sewer), it literally took me hours and hours! BUT they turned out cute and everyone fit into them!

And we brought in the New Year like a couple of old foggies! I sat on the couch and read a great new book on my Nook that "Santa" brought me. Matt played Wii hunting, which "Santa" brought for him. Two minutes till Midnight we turned on the countdown, popped a piece of gum and gave each other a great big KISS:)
Belle is 3!!!

I took Belle and Ellie to get their hair and nails done and then we went to Build A Bear! Had alot of fun, but Belle, for some reason decided she wanted NOTHING to do with a princess dress (which they got to wear while getting their hair done) AND she decided she would make a "kung fu panda" instead of a "girl" bear at Build A Bear! Fine with me. I mean afterall she does have two big brothers;)